Introducing Prima Dance Gifts

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Buying gifts for our favorite dancers can be tricky! Searching terms like "ballet gifts" and "gifts for dancers" often pulls up either something that is a cheesy and overdone type of knick-knack or a new gimmick for dancers that I'm not sure my kids would even need or want. Would this new little tool be helpful or damaging to their dance instruction? Do we really need another pointe shoe figurine on a shelf?

What if I could buy them a book that enriches their mind and spirit, a beautifully crafted puzzle to challenge them, notecards to write to friends and family, a handmade bracelet that is not only charming but its sale also provides clean drinking water for those in need?

Prima Dance Gifts was imagined and created out of these questions from this dance mom! My girls and I are passionate about creating a collection we love, that we can be proud to offer to other dancers and their families and friends.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for sharing our new vision and venture with other dancers and those who love them! Find us at, or on Instagram @primadancegifts.

Comment below and let us know what you would love to see us carry in our shop! We're always learning and growing!

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